Sunday, November 2, 2014

Noble Hospital Ball - Rock Star Art

Earlier this year I was contacted by a representative from Noble Hospital (a non-profit organization) in Springfield, MA. Every year Noble Hospital has a themed ball fundraiser to help raise money for something the hospital desperately needs.

Somehow, they found my blog and came across my Family Rock Star piece. They then reached out to me and inquired if I would be willing to contribute a piece to their ball being held in November 2014.

I was honored they asked me to be apart of something like this. Since this year's theme was Noble Hospital ROCKS The Noble Ball 2014 I decided to look close to Springfield, MA for inspiration.

I knew I wanted my "Rock Star" piece to come Massachusetts (specifically Boston) since that is close to home for the hospital that contacted me. After doing some research the three finalists were; The Cars, Aerosmith, and (of course) Boston.

I got into Aerosmith in high school and during the design faze I really enjoyed working with their characters. After further exploration and nostalgic enjoyment I focused the design towards Aerosmith.

Here is the piece I submitted to this year's Noble Ball. It is a digital painting but I had it printed on a wrapped textured canvas. I really enjoyed working on this and I hope it does well in their auction. You can see the piece in their auction page HERE. When Meg sent me this link it was fun to see it amongst their other auction pieces!
Aerosmith, Rock Stars, Digital Art, Boston
For more information about Noble Hospital Ball check out these links. 

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