Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pencil Test - Animation with a Tortoise

This little guy originated from a small sketch in my last sketch book. He was surrounded by other attempts at who-knows-what and there he was with a simple charm about him. I decided I wanted to see him move and live. Then I thought, "what was I thinking?!"

I chose the traditional route for this animation because I want to constantly improve those skills in my career and I simply love the hand drawn medium. I had downloaded the program Pencil a while ago and proceeded to think of the personality which would drive this turtle into motion. If you have ever heard of the program Pencil, check it out! It's 'traditional animation software' which you can download for free.

It may not have been as successful as originally hoped but you don't learn unless you fail. I don't consider him a complete failure but I did learn a lot through this project. In James Baxter's podcast interview he encourages young animators to have the discipline to try and learn more by not constantly testing their animation. Just to absorb that learning experience's successes and failures.