Friday, December 31, 2010

Jimmy Rig!

This is a new dialog asset I have been working on.

I personally felt I needed to practice more dialog. I also wanted to spend more time and development on thought-driven animation and considered acting choices. It's pretty safe to say I just wanted to spend more time animating.

Riffling through different audio websites left me with a number of really solid audio files. I hope I can attempt to do justice to the other files someday soon but with the help of my mentor we narrowed it down to the renowned talent of Jimmy Stewart. By no means was I trying to recreate Mr. Stewart but you can't help but take inspiration from his great acting and well delivered lines.

Researching mouth shapes and listening for nuances in the audio was challenging but illuminating. I couldn't help but watch mouth shapes everywhere! A very fun piece to fight, learn, and grow on.

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