Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Zambia's Song

There are times in life where people get to be apart of something greater than themselves. Incidents you get to partake in that you hope change the world but you never expect how it affects you.

Zambia’s Song was such a project. The illuminating opportunity, to work on this documentary, came earlier this year. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the water crisis in Zambia, Africa. It is also designed to raise support for bio-sand filters and the positive effect its purification process can have on a family, a school, or a community.

I played a minor roll in this project but I definitely gained a great deal of perspective. It is so easy to take for granted clean water and how effortlessly it comes by us in America. One of our largest markets is the bottled water industry, yet fellow humans walk miles to bathe, wash clothes, and drink from water we would never consider washing our cars in.

A non-for-profit organization, entitled CIY (Christ in Youth), contacted me to see if I would be willing to aid them with this project. With the helpful assistance of a good friend of mine, Josh Cote, we were able to build a few CG shots that hopefully give a visual reference about how the bio-sand filter process works. Here is just a short snippet from the full documentary with the shots I got to work on.

It's a great thing they are doing.
If you want to see more or learn more about CIY and/or this project, I encourage you to please stop by:

For CIY -
For MOVE -
Zambia’s Song Documentary -

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